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اولین و پر تیراژترین هفته نامه ICT در ایران

Asre-Ertebat weekly with license number of 124/14264 from the ministry of culture, began it’s path in 17th of February 2003 in the field of Professional and public awareness of ICT. In less than a year it became the best selling paper in this field and since then it was published non-stop and it’s available every Saturday in every newsstand all over the country. Asre-Ertebat is proud that most of the professional writers active in the field of ICT started their career in this newspaper. Our paper , published in 16 pages , including titles like internet news, Telecommunications, e-government, e-services, banking and insurance, e-commerce, marketing, software, news of provinces, unions, safety, information society and weekly discussions with managers and key index information and communication technology is available in all of the academic institutions working in the field of IT and also in all of organizations connected to this field inside the country.
Asr-Ertebat also publishes a monthly purchase guide with professional titles that’s a very trusted source for people to spend on the right product. the titles include mobile phones, professional cameras, laptops, tablets, games and gaming consoles and electronic banking.
Special issues for exhibitions Attending in the exhibitions inside and outside of the country related to ICT industry is always one of our priorities. We are pleased to be one of the few organizations publishing special issues for our readers.